Monday, January 23, 2012

I always imagine that if I make it to January, I will have lots of free time and peace and creativity for painting.  And every year, I find out that I have been lying to myself.... putting off tasks till after Christmas that suddenly emerge as due (or overdue) in early January. 
But I got smart and started scheduling a mid to late January day away for painting with a friend who will be mad if I don't show up.  As a result, I am making some progress!  In this photo, I am using the computer to help me to zoom in and really see the details of each rose petal.
I paint every other petal for two reasons: first, so that they dry completely and don't bleed into their neighbors, second, so that I just look at that limited area and try to really understand both its natural coloring and how the light and shadow give it shape.
Later I go back and paint the in between petals.

Nan Henke
Texas Hill Country Art