Monday, August 22, 2011

A quick survey of my own and two of my sisters' photo files came up with 16 contenders for a new Colorado painting, which I narrowed to 6.  Here they are. 

 Some have people in them, which usually does not go over well with anyone but the people involved!

 Others lack sunlight to clearly define the lines of the mountains, trees and snow.
 The Birthday balloons are cute, and if I add sunlight, would brighten the whole thing up a bit!
And then there is the old fall-back: same scene, slightly to the left of the first painting!
Stay tuned for a decision....

Nan Henke
Texas Hill Country Art
This is NOT the new Colorado Mountain painting... 
When you read here about my painting process, you get the inside scoop: My friend Lisa in WI was distraught that someone beat her to my 5x7 painting titled "View from Vance's Cabin" on ebay (image attached.) 
Lisa is the honorary president of my non-existant fan club, because she spends all of her disposable funds on art and cards, (not just mine) when wedding gifts and car repairs don't cramp her style.  Therefore, when she attempts to hypnotize me into making another Colorado painting, I am happy to succumb. 
Especially since it is so darn hot here!
Nan Henke
Texas Hill Country Art