Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Umbrellas Lesson 3:
Do you have watercolor pencils? If not use a very light pencil to draw in the most basic shapes on a piece of 5x7 paper. I decided to do the backgrounds first this time and the umbrellas last. I also decided to keep a bit of the purple flowered umbrella. I changed some colors. Making one umbrella the same blue as the wall was not a good choice. It gets lost.

On the cement wall I did the ferns first, then filled in with cement color (a watery mix of whatever was left on my palette.)   On the blue wall I made the wooden slats look more straight than in the photo, so that I could focus on the blue squares. You can do just about anything in those blue squares to make them look weathered and different from each other.  I put a little extra color (once in dark brown and once in quinacridone gold) down the wood on the far end of each blue square, to make it look more three dimensional.
Are you finding it easier to paint this scene the second time?  And do you feel like you have more room to put in details?  Stick with me now and get some good paper, about 8x10 or 12x14 for the next step.  You will find it even easier and your results even better!

Nan Henke
TexasHill country Art
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