Thursday, February 7, 2013

An artist's secret

A secret of artists: some parts of the painting go really fast!  The background trees were painted by just rolling my brush around the blues and yellows on my pallette, then rolling it around on the canvas.  No need to watch edges: I overlapped the sky and distant bluebonnets as much as I wanted!  I added a few shadows and hilights and trunks, and the tree line was done!
The house on the other hand, will be a tale of many layers.  All that is done so far are the base colors.  They create a strong geometric shape with size and weight to contrast all the light curvy lines in the rest of the painting.  There will be a lot of detail to add to the rusty roof and aging walls before this looks like the old abandoned German farmhouse of the photos.
Nan Henke
Texas Hill Country Art

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