Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tiny portraits of bluebonnets

For the foreground bluebonnets, each flower is a tiny portrait.  It starts with a blue line with three white dots on top, just to establish where the flower is, how tall it is and how it leans.  Then some light green to buffer the white a bit, and some very dark shadows in the grass. 

In the second picture, you see the foreground bluebonnets finished.  Each one has florets in various values of the cobalt blue depending on light and shadow distribution.  The ones closest to the viewer even have tiny white dots to represent what I call "the window" in the top half of each floret.

Some random colors have been brushed into the grassy areas to keep them from looking too bright.  
All the bluebonnets need now is a touch of contrast.  What do you think: a few pink evening primrose?  indian paintbrush?  tiny yellow daisies? or a mixture?

Amy, this is a good point for you to be giving future owner input.  Did you picture the bluebonnets as bigger? smaller? darker? lighter? fewer?  more of them? Just because of the lighting in the 2nd picture, the background bluebonnets look darker than they really are.  
I know it is hard to picture the whole thing at this point, but give me any input that you can.  We are stull at a point where it is easy to make changes.
Nan Henke
Texas Hill Country Art
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