Friday, May 24, 2013

a "Free" (wet on wet) background

I had to bring everything inside, as it is raining steadily now. Yay for the beautiful Texas Hill Country!

Pat, the future owner of this painting, had requested greens with some touches of color for the background.... So I got the whole background so wet that it did not drip, but you could see water glistening all over it, then dropped in some reds and yellows. After they moved around a bit, I started filling in with sap green. Where it seemed like too much green, I added some quinacrodone gold, the color that makes every other color look more interesting! Then I thought that the whole thing was getting too strongly colored, so I dabbed some off with a paper towel. I always like the way random dabbing changes things.
Nan Henke
Texas Hill Country Art
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