Friday, May 24, 2013

Crazy end to the day

Watercolor demo update: I started painting outside again, then it started to rain again and I moved everything back inside. Good thing, too, as I noticed a roof leak and was able to have our maintenance man take a look at it. But that does... not get my painting done any faster.... It is the Art Guild closing time now, and I have a meeting to get to in Boerne, so I will wrap up for the day. The first layer is complete on the blues and I added some shadows in the white centers, plus browninsh green on the stems. Next will be more blue on the flowers to make them bolder and to smooth out the light to dark transitions.   After that, I will try to figure out why these photos look vertical when I select them and come out horizontal when I post them.  I hope you don't have a crick in your neck from looking at them!
Nan Henke
Fredericksburg Art Guild,
Facebook: Nan Henke - Texas Hill Country Art
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