Friday, April 13, 2012


Glazing is a watercolor term that means adding a layer of paint over one that has already dried.  It is tricky, because if you have too much water and not enough pigment on your brush, you will wash away the first layer instead of adding to it.  I have done that a lot!  In this photo, you can see that darker greens have been added in many places to create shape and add depth.  Some browns were also added to draw your eye to the ridges in the valley, shadows and the branchy bits of brush. 
I use the black and white photographs that I showed you in the beginning of this process to decide where to do more glazing.  It is hard for me to see all of the variations in the color photo of this beautiful valley, but when I look at the enhanced black and white versions of the photo, I can easily see what are the lightest and darkest bits.  And of course, some places I glaze on more color just because my head tells me to!  Or maybe it is my artist's eye talking,  I am never sure!!!
Nan Henke
Texas Hill Country Art
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