Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Most Important Step of All

The final step is the most important. After adding more color to the hill on the left and smoothing out some color on the mountains to the right, I did the most difficult thing in the entire painting process: I asked a trusted artist frien...d what she saw when she looked at the picture.

Her response suprised me. "Is it supposed to be raining?" she said. I looked at the painting again. Sure enough, my fog covered ocean had the verticals streaks of a rainstorm at sea. Using a top secret technique (it involves the kitchen sink and a big sturdy brush named "Mike" after Crocodile Dundee's knife) I gently scrubbed away the rain and left a smooth transition from sea to fog and clouds.

I don't always follow my trusted artist friend's recommendations, but that is why she is trusted. It is OK with both of us when we disagree.

I hope that you have a friend like that.

Stay tuned for my next painting. I have taken thousands of wildflower photos in the last month, so I suspect that the topic may lie there!
Nan Henke
Texas Hill Country Art
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